Technology Future in Minority Report

Blog Post created by hanyong Employee on May 20, 2011

For those who don't remember, Minority Report is a science fiction movie from 2002. I've recently watch the show again, on the plane by chance, you should realize that a lot of the technology advancement we see today are similar to what is depicted in the movie. Some examples:

  • Multi-touch Interfaces
  • Retina scanners
  • personalized advertising, which is still in work but we are getting there (refer to this blog post, written by JD Ruckler)

Looking at it almost 10 years after the film is released, it is incredible to see what used to be like flashy CG effects and non-existing technologies is now becoming a reality. Perhaps this is because the ideas contributed by experts in the film continued to make the ideas into reality or others who have used the ideas depicted in the film as a reference for their work. But no doubt, seeing the ideas turning into reality is amazing.