PI for StreamInsight released

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The first version of PI for Streaminsight is released!


PI for StreamInsight is a new product from OSIsoft and is part of the PI analytical components and modules. Developers create Language Integrated Queries (LINQ) to process and analyze events, which are streamed in and out of Microsoft StreamInsight using adapters. PI for StreamInsight includes adapters for reading events as they arrive at the PI Server and writing events to the PI Server. Applications of Microsoft StreamInsight include data quality processing and event detection.

For more information about PI for StreamInsight and Microsoft StreamInsight see:


      OSIsoft User Conference 2011 – Developing Analytics Over Streaming Data with Microsoft StreamInsight & PI for StreamInsight


      OSIsoft Virtual Campus Live! 2010 - Complex Event Processing (CEP) with PI for StreamInsight (requires login)


The user conference presentation provides examples of how LINQ queries can be a good way to query data and how StreamInsight compares to other PI Analytical components




Also, as a fyi - we are working on an updated set of samples for the vCampus site!


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