A new format for vCampus Live!

Blog Post created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Jun 9, 2011


Hello fellow vCampus members! As most of you already know, I recently joined OSIsoft. After being involved with vCampus for quite a long time as a partner, I now have the pleasure to speak to you as a vCampus Team member.

The next vCampus Live! will already be the third vCampus event!  As a community, we can all agree this is really ourevent. A lot of tech talk, great networking possibilities, and not a lot of marketing talk.

We have received a lot of feedback on the previous events, and one thing really stands out: We want more hands-on experience during the event.

OSIsoft has listened to this, and has changed the format. For the next vCampus Live! event, there will be much more hands-on labs, specially made for the occasion. This means:  less PowerPoint, more interaction, and more coding!

We are still working on the precise topics of the hands-on labs. This is where we, as the community can step in.

What we would like to ask you is:

·         What topics do you want to get more hands-on experience with?

·         How do you think this event can help you become an even better PI Developer?

We live in very exciting times, new technologies emerge in rapid pace. We are moving into a new era of computing. The future is happening right now! Be a part of this, and join us by commenting below.  Also you can email us at vCampus@osisoft.com with your comments. Help us to make this event the best PI Tech event ever!

Please also make sure you register for the PI Coresight webinar on June 15!