vCampus All-Stars in 2011

Blog Post created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Jul 4, 2011

Hello fellow vCampus members!


The vCampus All-Star awards are granted to vCampus members that actively share their technical expertise with the community. They are considered the most active and most valuable members in the community. Last year there where 3 All-Stars awarded. These where Rhys Kirk from RJK Solutions, Asle Frantzen from Amitec and myself (when I was still working for our partner Atos Origin).


This year we will again reward those who are considered the most valuable members in the community. Next to getting recognized by the community, being a vCampus All-Star will profile yourself (and your company) as being PI development experts. We are planning on announcing the vCampus All-Stars for this year in October. You can get awarded multiple years in a row for your continued involvement with vCampus.


Being a vCampus All-Star will also get you:

  • Personal vCampus blog (if desired)
  • Moderate vCampus forums (if desired)
  • Voluntary participation to team meetings
  • Free admissions for the year to come
    • OSIsoft vCampus & OSIsoft vCampus Live
    • Users Conference
  • A few more surprises…

OSIsoft and the vCampus team will determine who are considered the most valuable members, and who are eligable for this award. We do need input from the community for this. We really want to hear from you! Who do you consider the most valuable members? Is there someone who always has bright answers and questions, who takes part in discussions, and who you consider being among the best and brightest on vCampus?


Let us know by emailing to vcampus@osisoft.com