Silverlight tutorials you should read

Blog Post created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Jul 15, 2011

If you have developed with Silverlight, you will probably have noticed that there are a lot of, sometimes subtle, features that can make your live as a programmer a lot easier. Some of these features are sometimes a little bit hidden. It's always nice to see some small tutorials on how you can do certain things, so you know it exists. When you are in a situation where it could be applicable, you will certainly think about it!


Here are some 'must read' tutorials for Silverlight developers, have fun reading!


StringFormat for DateTime conversion


Explains how to use the stringformat property of a textbox when binding to a DateTime value


Treeview Drag & Drop


Explains how to use drag and drop targets in Silverlight 4 to easily enable drag & drop for the Treeview.


Silverlight Chart Example


There is a very big chance that you will want to visualize PI data using a chart in Silverlight. This article should get you started with using the Charts.


Data Validation in Silverlight


Validating user input data and responding with clear messages is very important. Silverlight has very nice built-in data validation mechanisms


Assembly caching in Silverlight 4


You can drastically speed up download and load time of your Silverlight application by using 'assembly caching'. This article explains how to enable assembly caching.


Printing support in Silverlight 4


Want to be able to print out that nice report with PI data from your Silverlight application? This is a good place to start!


Using Duplex WCF communication with Silverlight


Want to push events to the client using your WCF service? This is a good place to start learning about the PollingDuplexHttpBinding