PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 release and PI AF scheduled configured analytics

Blog Post created by gmoffett Employee on Aug 15, 2011



PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 has been released and is a recommended upgrade from or to be used instead of PI ACE 2010 R2. More information over on the tech. support website: PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 is also available here on vCampus.


Work continues on PI AF scheduled configured analytics, whereby a user can configure an analytic using PI AF, schedule and write the result via a PI AF attribute to a PI tag.  The vision includes simplyfing the work required to build an analytic (less programming) and enable more people to create their own analytics.


When exploring who actually creates analytics with the PI System, it appears to come down to - not suprisingly - who actually 'can do it' and who knows 'how to do it'! Just because I know the PI System doesn't mean I have access to create my own analytics, whereby access is to the required software, the ability to create tag(s) and or create PI AF content. Reasons we've heard include division of labour/processes and what could be interpreted as 'don't mess with the system, we have critical monitoring we don't want broken!"


So, do we need to help customers see how by using security they can protect existing configuration while allowing users to create analytics and/or provide a 'sandbox' that an Engineer can work in for that two week project or to explore new analytics that can later be applied across the system or process and onto other sites.


In the end the goal is the same, simply the implementation and management of analytics.


Do you have examples of different types of users who create analytics with the PI System? For example Operators, Maintenance or Process Engineers. Is anytyhing limiting your end-users from creating their own analytics? A big part of our job is speaking with customers about the business problems they have and how we can deliver product to help solve them. If you would like to provide feedback or input, please let us know!


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management