PI AF Scheduled Configured Analytics

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Over on the AFSDK Development discussion hall Zev was asking questions about PI AF Scheduled Configured Analytics otherwise known by the code name: Abacus


Abacus will allow for the configuration of calculations using PI AF attributes, that can be scheduled with the results written via a PI AF attribute to a PI tag.
The vision includes simplyfing the work required to build a calculation (reduce the requirement to program) and enable more people to create their own calculation(s)


Calculation support in Abacus will include the Performance Equation syntax and functions although we haven't yet committed to supporting all the functions exposed by the existing Performance Equation Scheduler


 One question Zev asked was if "Abacus would be a replacement for the Performance Equation Scheduler?"


At this time, the answer would be no.


That said, If we build what we envision for Abacus and you had a requirement to build a calculation you may choose Abacus over the Performance Equation Scheduler based on one or more of the following

  1. using or planning to use PI AF
  2. configuration and management user experience
  3. calculation support - including performance equation support as mentioned above and aggregations across several attributes or assets (sometimes referred to as roll-ups)
  4. history recovery and recalculation support
  5. performance and scalability 
  6. sub-second timestamp support

Caveat/Disclaimer: This list is not necessarily what will be in version1 or future versions of Abacus


Zev also asked about a release date, we do not yet have a date set for the first release of Abacus. However we can report that design, coding and testing work continues in areas including user experience, service, calculation engine and data access!


So while the list above is not meant to be definitive, what are some features you would want to see in Abacus? If you have several is there a priority order or set of "must haves"?


Thanks for asking Zev!
Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management