vCampus Live! 2011, yes I was actually in attendance this year.

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Dec 5, 2011

Firstly, blown away that I was voted as an All-Star for the 2nd year running.  Thanks to everyone that voted, but note that this now means I will just continue to post more, and more, and more, ...
Also, I want to congratulate Lonnie and Asle for being voted as All-Stars too!  Well deserved for both of you.


The Palace Hotel was a great venue with easy to access rooms for each of the presentations, learning labs and roundtables.  Quite liked the fact that we had breakfast and had the morning presentation in the same room, only issue with this would be that the stage seemed a little shoved in to the corner.  Nice to visit San Francisco again, but would be nice to have an event/conference on the East Coast of the USA (New York?) or in Europe (my biased opinion coming from Europe).
The Developers lounge was a nice addition to the event, although I didn't get much time in there. 


Learning Labs:
On the face of it a great idea and an opportunity to get hands on with some of the PI products, I saw some people got some real benefit from the labs which was good to see.  Couple of issues for me personally... 1) for future learning labs it might be an idea to give an anticipated level of experience/knowledge of the product, some of them were not as the title described (e.g. Coresight 'under the hood' was just installing Coresight). 2) there were quite a few problems with the match up to the virtual environment and what was on the handouts, missing steps, incorrect steps, and so on.  These need to be more accurate.
Of the learning labs I did like the PI Event Frames lab, it had good content.  For future learning labs how about before the event attendees submit a real world problem and all people that attend a learning lab help to solve a problem (that OSIsoft picks) with some real hands on work of the PI product(s) in focus? 


High quality presentations that were a credit to the event, some got me very excited.  In particular I thoroughly enjoyed the PI Server 2012 presentation.  A lot of features in PI Server 2012 I have needed for a long time now and it is exciting to see they are coming, the presentation was well presented considering it also involved some live demonstrations.  Powershell, Archive data backfiling on the fly, incredible performance updates to some core parts of the PI server (update signup rates, point lists, start up times, ...), etc - already pushing one project I am working on to sign up for the PI Server 2012 Technology Adaption Program.
The next presentation that caught my full attention was a surprise to me, it was the security presentation about STUXNET and security in general.  A real eye opener that got my attention quickly and immediately made me download Metasploit, Armitage and some other tools to take a serious look in to the security aspects of PI System projects that I am involved in.  Great presentation from SCADAHacker and Bryan Owen.
Some others that I watched and enjoyed were the Cloud/Mobile (Lonnie), Event Frame Corrosion Coupon, Ekho (like this system a lot), and human body monitoring presentations.  


Any other presentations of note that you all watched? Please let me know so I can catch the recordings.


Overall, great event, great attendees, great OSIsoft staff and great All-Star goodies!!  Will definitely be attending next year.