PowerShell Tools for the PI System

Blog Post created by jlakumb on Dec 12, 2011

For those of you who attended vCampus Live! and we had the privilege to present to you a "Sneak Peek at PI Server 2012", one of the more exciting developments we announced are new PowerShell Tools for the PI System.  This is a set of cmdlets for Windows PowerShell which allows you to manage a PI System.  Hopefully this will make the lives of PI System administrators that much easier by enabling you to create powerful, reusable scripts for commonly needed or bulk system management operations.  We used several example scripts to show off the power of PI Server 2012, which everyone will get a chance to see once the video is posted.  We encourage you to check that out since it has exciting stuff on performance, scalability, and reliability in PI Server 2012 - something for everyone in this next release!




We are now making available the PowerShell Tools for the PI System as an extra in the Download Center.  We know there is a lot of interest in using PowerShell (or other scripting tools) with the PI System, based on the following discussion threads -




Powershell & Archive Maintenance


PI - Automation of Maintenance


Powershell scripts for PI System maintenance


Powershell and Archive Maintenance


Get the Archive - Files


Scripting MDB edits










Some of the use cases we have heard are monitoring message logs, scheduling backups, adding users or mappings, and managing archives.  In fact, we provided sample scripts for each of these.  The samples are well documented and should be a good starting point.  In addition, the online help for each of the cmdlets is extensive and a great resource.  In case you have a question or need further assistance, feel free to leverage the vCampus community.  We will also be listening in for feedback and providing "support" (although it is not an officially supported PI product).




If you are new to PowerShell, here are some links you might find useful to get started:


Windows Powershell Getting Started Guide


Scripting with Windows Powershell




Enjoy the new PowerShell Tools for the PI System and if you like it, or you want to see some features/functionality added, or you have a helpful script to share, then please let the vCampus community knowStay tuned for a webinar early next year where we can dive into more of the capabilities of this tool.




Happy scripting!




edit by Michael @ OSIsoft: the PowerShell Tools for the PI System are not available yet in the Download Area, we are uploading them this very minute. Stay tuned The download is up in the Download Area, under 'Extra's'!


Update: check out this webinar -

Builders's Café Webinar Series: The PI System and PowerShell - The Life of the PI System Admin Just Got Easier