vCampus Live! 2011 videos and presentations are available!

Blog Post created by MvanderVeeken Employee on Dec 14, 2011

We are verry happy to announce that the videos and presentations from vCampus Live! 2011 have been published. These videos are recorded from Track 4 and the general sessions (see the agenda).


All videos are publicly available on the OSIsoft website. Everyone with internet access can access these, so you can also forward the links to non-vCampus members.


This is your opportunity to watch the presentations you missed!


I think all presentations are very good and really worth watching! If you did not attend vCampus Live! 2011, the 'PI System Roadmap' (demo's of Coresight for the IPad, Android Devices and WP7!) and the 'Sneak Peek at PI Server 2012' are the ones you probably want to start with. I personally also really enjoyed the two presentations by Joel Langill: 'How Stuxnet spreads' and 'Network architecture and Active Directory considerations for the PI System'. The last one has a super exciting demo near the end.


If you feel 'nostalgic' you can also have a look at  the vCampus Live! 2010 and vCampus Live! 2009 recordings! Please don't hesitate to leave any feedback here.




edit: the 'Sneak Peek at PI Server 2012' and 'The Perfect Storm: The PI System, Cloud Services and Windows Phone 7'  video's are not available yet at this moment. We will keep you posted on the ETA.


The recordings are now also available in mobile format in the 'Mobile' column.

PI System Roadmap OSIsoft John Baier General Presentation Resources MP4
Plant Performance and Condition-based Maintenance Using the OSIsoft PI System Process Innovations, Inc. Joe Devine General Presentation Resources MP4
How Stuxnet Spreads SCADAhacker Joel Langill General Presentation Resources MP4
Challenges and Future Direction OSIsoft Jon Peterson General Presentation Resources MP4
Asset Utilization with RtDuet and PI Event Frames ADM Systems Engineering Ltd. Keith Flynn General Presentation Resources MP4
The Importance of Community OSIsoft Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy General Presentation Resources MP4
Welcome OSIsoft Ahmad Fattahi General Presentation Resources MP4
vCampus All-Stars OSIsoft Michael van der Veeken General Presentation Resources MP4
The Perfect Storm: The PI System, Cloud Services and Windows Phone 7 DST Constrols Lonnie Bowling General Presentation Resources N/A

Human Body Performance Monitoring and Modeling Using PI System 2010 and PI Coresight Hulix Conseil François Ruel General Presentation Resources MP4
PI AF + PI Event Frames + Ekho from iTi = Real-time Operational Intelligence iTi Yannick Galipeau General Presentation Resources MP4
PI Event Frames for Corrosion Coupon Data Nalco Rick Davin General Presentation Resources MP4
Machine Learning for Prediction Purposes on PI System Data OSIsoft Michael Christopher General Presentation Resources MP4
Sneak Peek at PI Server 2012 OSIsoft Greg Holt General Presentation Resources N/A
Discover How to Programmatically Generate PI Coresight Displays with the Right Data Items and Time Range OSIsoft Mike Weiss General Presentation Resources MP4
Network Architecture and Active Directory Considerations for the PI System SCADAhacker Joel Langill General Presentation Resources MP4