"Post of the Month" for February 2012!!!

Blog Post created by hanyong Employee on Mar 8, 2012

Whenever we talk to people about OSIsoft vCampus, one of the most important aspect that we highlight is having an online community of PI System developers and integrators, encourage communication and collaboration among the community on the usage of PI System technology. Because of this, it is very encouraging for us (the vCampus team) to see more active participation in discussions among the community since the beginning of 2012. More significantly, we see more users replying to posts and sharing their insights on the various discussions on the forum.


We really like to show our appreciation to members who have contributed their time and effort on OSIsoft vCampus, and vCampus All-Stars award is one of the ways that we have adopted to acknowledge users who have contributed greatly throughout the year. Of cause, we do see that there are other users who deserve acknowledgement as well, hence we are starting the "Post of the Month" initiative.


Since the start of vCampus, we have had some outstanding posts in discussions like this and this that are helpful, educational and provides insight into the products. And these are the post that we are looking for in this initiative!


For the month of February 2012, we would like to congratulate Rick Davin for his post on                                   Simplest method to get the PI tag name for an Attribute. If                                 you have not read Rick's post, check it out here! In the post, Rick has compared the performance of different methods of getting the tagnames in an AFAttribute with PIPoint data reference and shared his finding. Thanks to Rick for the initiative and effort on this!


Of course outstanding posts may not come as regularly as we want, hence we may not get one for a particular month. The vCampus Team will keep an open eye for future "Post of the Month". If you do come across any posts that you feel it should be acknowledged, feel free to drop us a note to our email or directly to any of the vCampus team members.