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Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Mar 12, 2012

Hello Community,


I have been feeling guilty recently for not blogging more frequently on vCampus, if only I could find some more hours in the day - the curse of being a vCampus All-Star .


Firstly, I want to start off talking about the OSIsoft User Conference that is coming up (go register now!).  Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year as I have baby #2 on the way, due to arrive early May so I cannot take the risk of being an 11 hour flight away when I get that important call.  I need to stop having children that are due on or around the User Conference or vCampus Live! events.  There will be plenty of my Wipro colleagues in attendance (I encourage you to speak with them about anything PI) gathering intel and plying OSIsoft employees with alcohol with strict instructions to find out more about details and timelines for Server Side Buffering (Jay, watch out ).  Yep, I did it again, I mentioned SSB.  Seriously, the User Conference is a great annual event and I wish I could be there again this year.  I will be at vCampus Live! though with some exciting presentations.




For my next topic I am going to talk about StreamInsight.  vCampus has a dedicated forum (http://vcampus.osisoft.com/discussion_hall/add_in_microsoft_development/f/38.aspx) for StreamInsight that seems to be relatively quiet, either people are keeping their cards close to their chests or they have not started on the road to development with PI & StreamInsight.  I am a StreamInsight fan since spending the last few months researching StreamInsight, developing with StreamInsight and looking at the OSIsoft PI for StreamInsight Adapters (that you can download right here on vCampus), and concluded that we need to get some more community involvement and discussion around development with the PI for StreamInsight Adapters.  How many of you reading this blog post have developed something using PI SDK?  Now all of you with your hands up, how many of you used EventPipes to capture data events as they happened?  If you still have your hand up then I suggest you take a look at the event driven nature of StreamInsight and keep it at the back of your mind next time you start developing an application that needs to respond to real-time events as they happen on your PI Server or Collective.  (Many, many other reasons for using StreamInsight but just wanted to fire off some thought processes in your heads with the PI SDK Eventipes example.)
In my usual obsessive manner, I will continue to post discussion points related to PI & StreamInsight, or random ideas that pop in to my head at inconvenient times related to how PI & StreamInsight can be used together.  For example, I have a nagging idea related to how Coresight can use a neat StreamInsight engine for common data requests for more efficient data retrieval.  Soon I will find some time to make sense of it and post it up on the forum. 




Lastly, I want to talk about the vCampus Community.  I hope that everyone else is feeling the nice momentum that the community has right now and is enjoying being part of that community.  Having been around since the beginning of vCampus I have seen it grow like my own son, from being relatively quiet needing input and guidance, to growing in to a self sufficient entity that now talks back!  I imagine that a lot of answers people have are now found by searching the forums, that people downloaded the AF SDK CTP with Rich Data Access  or the OLEDB Enterprise 2010 R3 quicker than they did the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or that people get more e-mail updates (that they are genuinely interested in) from vCampus than they do from Facebook!  All in all, vCampus has been one of the best initiatives from OSIsoft for a long time and looks as though it is growing stronger each year; it is backed by a great vCampus team.  What I am looking forward to in the future is seeing an equivalent online community for TechSupport, and seeing both of those communities become a single thriving community one day.


That is all for now.