PI Web Services 2012 - Community Technology Preview (CTP) now available!

Blog Post created by spilon on Jun 27, 2012

To all PI Web Services users,
we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of PI Web Services 2012!


This CTP is designed to give technical users a preview of PI Web Services 2012, providing you an opportunity to get acquainted with the new features, plan ahead for deployments, and share feedback around how to enhance the upcoming release. This version brings some significant new features that this community has been asking for:

  • Search for PI Asset Framework (PI AF) Elements and associated Attributes, leveraging your comprehensive asset model to improve the access to time-series data. This includes searches by name, template, location, Attribute names and values, etc.
  • Search for PI AF Element Templates
  • Search for PI Event Frames, including the ability to navigate to referenced elements and their Attributes to obtain time-series data

Please consult the User Manual (PDF or CHM) for more information on the new methods, objects, etc. You can also access the document in HTML format on your PI Web Services server, by browsing to http://yourServer/PIWebServices/Help (if you installed the IIS Edition, not the Standalone Edition).


As you would expect with a pre-release version, there are a few limitations and pieces of functionality that are missing - so here is a list of the enhancements that we expect to bring in the actual PI Web Services 2012 release:

  • Ability to write values to AF Attribute paths (the InsertPIData method currently only supports writing to PI Point paths)
  • Retrieval of PI Event Frames statistics, such as the total time covered, average/minimum/maximum length, and the count
  • [Ability to retrieve time-series data for PI Event Frame Attributes directly (the CTP only supports retrieving time-series data for Attributes belonging to AFEelements referenced by PI Event Frames)
    ***UPDATE: in fact this is possible with the CTP version. See the first and third entries in the comments below, for more details.***
  • Search for AF Element Attributes directly, without going through their parent Element
  • Ability to use the GetPIArchiveData method to request interpolated time-series data by time interval (StartTime, EndTime, TimeStep), in addition to requesting it by number of interpolations (StartTime, EndTime, NumInterval)
  • PIEventFrame.Duration, returned by the FindPIEventFrames method, will return the elapsed time at the time of the query for Event Frames that are still running (the CTP version returns null)
  • Consolidation of the PI Event Frames types in a single XML namespace: http://xml.osisoft.com/services/PIEventFramesService (some objects are in http://xml.osisoft.com/services/EventFrames at this point)

Keep in mind this is a pre-release version and as such, shouldn't be used in a Production environment - please refer to the OSIsoft vCampus End-User License Agreement for more details about CTP-specific licensing terms.


The PI Web Services product team looks forward to hearing from you! Please submit your feedback on the discussion forum or privately to BetaPIWebServices@osisoft.com