Abacus and recalculation

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Thanks for the comments and feedback on previous posts.




We continue the theme providing some information on ideas and functionality for Abacus and look to the community’s feedback once more.


Disclaimer: items discussed in this post may or may not be include in released product. Consider this post an equivalent of a Community Technology Preview (CTP) whereby the features included may not be in the release!




History calculation – backfill for new calculations or recalculate existing calculations


You create a new calculation and want to generate results going back in time (backfill) for all the input values that exist. An existing calculation is updated and you want to recalculate the historical results.


These are just two examples of history calculation and we want to see if we can make this easier to do with Abacus.  So, how about if you only had to enter the start and end date and Abacus took care of the rest?


You may have some questions:


Q: What schedule would be used to perform the calculation?


A: The configured schedule for the calculation, for example: a calculation scheduled to run at 7am every day, when recalculated for the previous week would run every day at 7am.


Q: If I’m recalculating, what happens to the results that already exist?


A: These values would be deleted prior to recalculation.




Questions for you!


Is it ok to delete values, if not why not and what would you want to be done with the values?


Would you want to recalculate using a different schedule to that configured and if so what schedule would you want to use?


What other options would you need and why?


For example would you want to recalculate on existing results?





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