PI OLEDB Enterprise 2012 Beta Now Available!

Blog Post created by spilon on Aug 3, 2012

I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of PI OLEDB Enterprise 2012 Beta! I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this release to take advantage of PI Event Frames capabilities in your reporting and BI type activities, as well as in your custom applications. Well, we are one (big) step closer to it and I invite you to go download the Beta from the "Pre-Release" area of the vCampus Download Center and give it a good try!


***BEFORE YOU INSTALL: make sure you upgrade your AF Server toBeta 3, which is now also available in the "Pre-Release" area of the vCampus Download Center. This is necessary for the event frame functionality to work...


This Beta is a great opportunity to get familiar with the new functionality early on and provide us with feedback (i.e. if you find bugs or have enhancement requests you would like to submit). Of course we strongly encourage you to try it out and provide feedback as soon as you possibly can... the sooner you provide your feedback, the more likely it is that we have time to react in time for the actual release [;]


The main additions in this version are:

  • Event Frame tables have been added to a new EventFrame schema (read-only, as for the rest of PI OLEDB Enterprise)
  • Export/Import capability for custom database objects (e.g. Views, Transpose Functions) has been added to PI SQL Commander, which will come in handy when comes time to move from one AF Database to another (e.g. Stage to Production) - credits to Sergey for raising the issue over here!
  • Added a GetPIPoint Table-Valued Function, which is particularly useful if you are using a mix of the classic PI OLEDB Provider and PI OLEDB Enterprise, and you need to de-reference an Element Attribute or Event Frame Attribute and get its underlying PI Point.
  • The Asset.ElementReference table has been added. It complements the Asset.vElementReference table and simplifies queries in certain cases.

To help you with the new Event Frame tables, we added material to the PI SQL Query Compendium, available through the PI SQL Commander: first load the Event Frames contained in NuGreen_EventFrame.xml (using PI System Explorer) and then walk through and exercise the queries contained in EventFrame.sql:






Please see the User Guide and the Release Notes for more information on these new additions.


Aside from a few performance enhancements and (hopefully not too many) bug fixes, the only change you can expect between this Beta version and the final release, is the addition of the Transpose Function Wizard for Event Frame Templates (it's currently available for Element Templates only).


Keep in mind this is a pre-release version and as such, shouldn't be used in a Production environment - please refer to the OSIsoft vCampus End-User License Agreement for more details about CTP-specific licensing terms.


The PI OLEDB Enterprise product team looks forward to hearing from you! Please submit your feedback on the discussion forum or privately to BetaOLEDB@osisoft.com.