Nearly 1 "PI" years old

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Sep 12, 2012

Today is my son Ethan's 3rd birthday, how time flies. I remember in 2010 I took him on one of his first flights, a monster 12 hour flight to San Francisco for an OSIsoft User Conference, he was 7 months old.  Ahmad once called him the youngest PI geek, which is probably true but I don't think he talks about the same PI as I do. After getting my 1st vCampus All Star award I posted a picture of Ethan wearing my vCampus t-shirt, so Ethan is well and truly exposed to the PI System ecosystem. I'll be sure to hire him when he is old enough Recently I tweeted a picture of my newest son Oliver (3 months old) and I on the beach in my 2nd vCampus All-Star t-shirt...maybe Ethan's crown has been taken as the youngest geek?


Anyway, apart from a trip down memory lane the point of my blog is that today on his 3rd birthday I wondered when is Ethan PI years old? Answer: November 2nd. So he will be having a "PI cake" and extra celebration on that day, and I'll be sure to post some pictures on my blog.


Sadly I found out I am 10.12 PI years old, which means I just missed out on my PI cake