vCampus Live! 2012 -- Day #0 Security hackathon

Blog Post created by MvanderVeeken Employee on Sep 17, 2012

This year at vCampus Live! 2012 will kick of with a Day #0 event. This day is split into two tracks. One track will focus on security, where you will learn about PI System security in great depth, and you will be challenged afterwards. During the programming hackathon, you will be challenged to use all your PI System development knowledge to create an application that will surprise your peers! More info about the programming hackathon later.




Security hackathon - Red VS Blue




This event will start in the afternoon, and will run until 9 PM. After that, we will have the welcome reception where you can meet your fellow vCampus members and OSIsoft people in person after a year of online communication.


First we will spend the first part of the day getting in-depth knowledge about PI System security. How to detect, recognize, defend and analyse security threats on your PI System infrastructure. You will be taught by OSIsoft's finest in PI System security. People who are veterans dealing with cyber security, and deal with cyber security threats on a daily basis. The knowledge you learn here will be invaluable during the second part of the day: the Red vs Blue contest.


Red vs. Blue exercises have their origin from the military. The idea is that a group of security professionals - a red team - attacks something, something from an opposing group - the blue team. The blue team has to defend against these attacks. Originally, these exercises were used in the military to test battle-readiness. Red vs. Blue exercises have been used on many occasions in many different fields. For instance, they are used to test the physical security of high profile sites, such as nuclear and chemical sites. They have been used as cyber 'warfare' training at several security conferences, and also eBay did a red-team exercise together with several vendor invitees (including CISCO). 


So, what does that mean for the vCampus Live! hackathon? Armed with the cyber security knowledge you gain from OSIsoft's security experts, you will be presented with a PI System infrastructure. Together with a team of your peers - and an OSIsoft employee - as the blue team you will have to defend against carefully crafted cyber attacks from OSIsoft's battle hardened security veterans. These attacks will increase your stress-level, agitate you, and will force you to act. You can gain points by detecting and defending against these threats. In the end, the teams with the highest point count will be able to call themselves 'Winners of the first vCampus Live! security hackathon!', and you will be able to brag to your friends and coworkers that you survived, or 'died' with your boots on.


This will be a unique opportunity to learn about PI System security, in a way that you can use to further secure your PI System infrastructure. This event will be very valuable to you as a PI System administrator or Architect. Become aware and prepared for malicious activity, and protect your valuable data. There is limited seating available, so make sure to register for vCampus Live! 2012, and select the 'security hackathon' as a Day #0 event.