[OLD] vCampus Live! 2012 - Day #0 Programming hackathon

Blog Post created by MvanderVeeken Employee on Sep 25, 2012

Maybe you've already taken a look at the agenda, and noticed the Day #0 events at vCampus Live! 2012




Programming hackathon: stay focused and keep hacking


3716.Man_5F00_Asleep_5F00_On_5F00_Laptop_5F00_With_5F00_Cup_5F005F00_5671.jpgMaybe you have noticed the difference in schedule for the Security Hackathon and the Programming Hackathon. There is a bit of a difference. The Security Hackathon runs from 13:00 to 21:00, followed by the welcome reception. The Programming hackathon runs from 13:00 to 09:00 the next morning! That's 20 hours of pure PI Development delight. You are off course invited to join the welcome reception in between coding, to get some refreshments and meet everyone. 


The purpose of the programming hackathon is very simple: you get 20 hours to work together with your team and create a killer application. OSIsoft developers will be there to coach and get you started, but it will be up to you to get creative and be innovative.


The theme this year will be 'car data'. Imagine getting real-time data from a car in the PI System. Imagine what you could do with that data, what kind of applications you could make. Now imagine having that data for a fleet of cars. What can applications can you think of using the PI System, to create something really valuable for consumers or fleet operators. For this hackathon you will be presented with data, and your task is to come up with that single killer app that will surprise us all!


Off course there will be some rules, but the main focus is to be very creative and innovative, and create something that works. Try to think outside the box: what online services or online resources could you use in your application? The deadline will be at 09:00 on Day 1, and then a panel of judges will look at each application and determine the winners. We will have some nice prizes for the winners. 


These 20 hours will give you a great opportunity to work together with your peers and OSIsoft developers. Use your experience as a PI System developer, while learning from others. This event will be quite unique in that it gives you the opportunity to really be creative and innovative. Same for the security hackathon -- seating is limited. Make sure you register for vCampus Live! 2012, and pick 'programming hackathon' as your Day #0 event!