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PI to Mobile Part 3 - iPhone App for Trending

Blog Post created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Oct 7, 2012



Hi Everyone,


I have finally got to the next part of my PI to Mobile series.  In this screencast I create an iPhone app that reads the Azure web services (created in part 1 and 2) and displays selected PI tag data in a chart.  I go over what basic Xcode programming is like and use a couple of third party libraries to make the job eaiser.   This episode is also a two part'er.  The first part is creating the basic iPhone app and the second part does the data gathering and creates charts.  I hope you like them!


Part 3a: Creating a Basic iPhone App using Tables and Storyboarding


Here is 3a video


Part 3b: iPhone App, getting data from ASP.Net Web API and Displaying in a Chart


Here is part 3b video






5775.iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Oct-7_2C00_-2012-9.52.57-AM.png  8360.iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Oct-7_2C00_-2012-9.53.01-AM.png  3582.iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Oct-7_2C00_-2012-9.53.05-AM.png 




Source code:


 PITrends5.zip (27K)




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