How my data visualised itself...

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Nov 2, 2012

I am a big fan of vCampus, surely that is obvious by now, but I also really like the OSIsoft Community.  As a result I keep in touch with Nick D’Orazio and we briefly talked about this post on the Community Forum:


ProcessBook Trend of turbine speed showed hunting (oscillation) where non occurred.


We both thought it made for a cool trend, and it is good to see how data visualizes itself sometimes.  I dropped in to the conversation that in my youth (I’m a father of 2 now and getting old at 31) I spent some time playing with ProcessBook trends and could make shapes and letters with a trace.  Nick was intrigued and asked for some evidence.


I dusted off some DVDs in search of my code but didn’t find any.  That to me was a personal challenge; I need to re-create an example of that. So off I went…




Well I didn’t spend as long as I thought I would as the memories of all those late nights came flooding back.  15 minutes or so later I came up the following in ProcessBook using the Trend object. 




Can you spot the hidden meaning of the data?






Now the mini challenge; can you figure out how I did this?