How my data visualised itself... Part 2

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Nov 13, 2012

I am finding the need to have a break from the norm with PI data to explore some interesting concepts with PI, which more than likely have no commercial benefit...they're just fun!


I blogged recently about writing my name on a ProcessBook trend.  Here is the blog post:




Cool, right?


Well I decided to go one better and draw the OSIsoft logo on a ProcessBook trend.  At first it was daunting and I seemed to scratch my head a lot in search of how I could do this, in fact I am sure I have a bald spot now.  I wanted it to look good, not the type of result where you need to squint your eyes to see the logo.  Anyway, long story short I did with some fairly simple code.  Below is how it came out after a couple of iterations to the code.  So, what do you think?




Feel free to guess how I achieved this.  Here is a hint (and a note for the ProcessBook team): you can only manipulate the characteristics of the 1st 12 pens of a trend even though you can have 50 traces (1st 8 pens are sequential in the enum, the last 4 jump up the enum a bit)!