How my data visualised itself... Part 3

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Nov 16, 2012

After Part 1 and Part 2 of my blog on some fun stuff with ProcessBook I decided to do another post on the topic, most likely my last as I will soon find something else fun to do with the PI System & tools.  I tend to have a short attention span.


Anyway I will get right down to it.


vCampus Live is right around the corner, I am very excited to geek out in San Francisco.  I have seen the vCampus Live marketing banner in emails, on vCampus, on OSIsoft's TechSupport site, ... you can't miss it.  So I decide I would draw that in ProcessBook Trends.


This is the banner: 




Well I had to modify the code I created previously, this image was much bigger than the OSIsoft logo and needed some tweaking.  Well here is the 1st attempt:




Seemed to work pretty well.  Just as a reminder, this is drawn using traces on ProcessBook Trends using only PI Points as the data source!


I wanted it slightly better and more clear so had to tweak some more settings including the display zoom level.  This is the final result:




I was satisfied with that so stopped there.


You can even use the ProcessBook playback tool to show the trends updating to give the illusion of a scrolling banner from an image file  I was tempted to create an interface that ate an image pixel by pixel and drew it in ProcessBook but it is more work than my interest on this topic will last.




Next fun topic?  Not sure, feel free to post up suggestions.