PI Event Frames now has Generation, Data Access, and Visualization!

Blog Post created by tbrown Employee on Jan 18, 2013

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we now have the first set of releases for PI Event Frames (congrats to all our developers working on EF)!!!


With these releases, customers can now create events automatically in the PI System, query the PI System for events and integrate this data into external systems and tools like Power Pivot, and customers can now view event attributes and perform event based trends using PI Coresight. Here's a summary of our recent releases:

  • PI Event Frames Generator - Generate events using trigger tags in the PI Server (part of the PI Server 2012 release)  
  • PI Data Access 2012 - supports access to time-series data, assets, and events from the PI Systemfor custom application programming and integration into tools and systems like Microsoft Office or SQL Server, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), Web portals, maintenance systems, and others. 
  • PI Coresight 2012 R2- the first PI Client to support PI Event Frames with Related Events functionality!
    • Event Discovery - Automatically discover related events like downtime, process excursions, startups, batches, and others on your assets giving you a full picture of what happened over a time period.
    • Event Attributes - View event attributes that give you the relevant data related to your event so that you know whether to investigate further or move on to the next problem.
    • Event Trending - Quickly analyze your event on a trend with all the related process data of your asset, in context of your event. 
    • Event Relative Analysis - Easily analyze the data items on your display in the context of your events.


We are just getting started with these releases and are working on more PI Event Frames support throughout the PI System right now (come to our User Conference 2013 to see and learn more about this work!!!)




Todd Brown


Product Manager, PI Event Frames