REST at vCampus Live!

Blog Post created by dnoonen on Oct 23, 2013

Hello vCampus Community!


I'm writing this post to highlight sessions at this year's vCampus Live! that will touch on our REST system. We have 3 hands on sessions on the agenda that cover various aspects of the REST system:


1. Title: Developing against the RESTful Surface - In this lab you will interact with a portion of the REST API we are building on top of the PI System.  We have created a sample HTML5/JavaScript application that interacts with the REST API and your job will be to write code that fills in some blanks.


2. Title: Introduction to the PI OData Service - The PI OData Service is a member of our REST family. In this lab you'll interact with the service using a browser and Microsoft Excel.  Much like the "RESTful surface" lab above, you'll also edit an HTML5/JavaScript application we've developed that interacts with the PI OData Service. 


3. Title: Exposing your AF SDK based service as a REST endpoint in the cloud - In addition to the REST API that we'll provide, our system is extensible and allows you to build a custom REST service that is exposed through our cloud infrastructure.  In this session you will build an AF SDK based REST service and expose it to the cloud.  You will also build a client application that communicates to your custom service through our cloud infrastructure.


In addition to the 3 sessions above, the vCampus team is hard at work generating a scenario for the Hackathon that makes use of the REST system. 


We are in heavy development mode on all aspects of our REST offering.  We didn't want the "in development" nature of the system to prevent us from letting you interact with it at this year’s vCampus Live! event.  We're excited about the possibilities and looking forward to getting your feedback.


Dan Noonen