PI Web Services 2012 SP1 Released

Blog Post created by dnoonen on Nov 14, 2013

Hello vCampus PI Web Services users.  With this post I’m announcing that we have released a new version (Service Pack 1) of the PI Web Services product.  I know that some of you have been eagerly awaiting this release, as it fixes issues that were first discovered and triaged right here in our vCampus community.


PI Web Services 2012 SP1 is an incremental release of PI Web Services, a product designed to provide SOAP based web service access to PI System data.  This release fixes several minor defects in PI Web Services 2012.  In addition, this release incorporates an updated PIDS component (


PI Web Services 2012 SP1 offers defect resolution related to the following issues:

  • Duplicate results in AF element search
    • Previously, element references within the element hierarchy caused duplicate results when search for elements.  This problem has been fixed.
  • Update sign-up for non-existent AF attribute
    • Previously, PI Web Services allowed you to sign up for updates on an AF Attribute that did not exist.  This problem has been repaired.
  • Retrieval of more than 400 data values from a PI Summary query
    • A previous limitation made the intervals property of PISummaryManner inoperative.  This issue has been resolved.
  • AF attribute security
    • Security as applied to data retrieval from AF attributes is now consistent with the behavior specified in AF SDK documentation.
  • Event logging and tracing
    • Repairs have been made to the PI Web Services installation to allow for more detailed logging and instrumentation from our underlying data provider, PI Data Services.  Consult the PI Instrumentation users guide for more details.

Dan Noonen | Product Manager | PI System Access