Buffering Subsystem 2014 - Beta Now Available

Blog Post created by ssortland Employee on Apr 16, 2014

We are exciting to announce that a beta of the next generation PIBufSS 2014 (v4.3) is now available in the "Pre-Release" area of the vCampus Download Center.  The next generation BufSS sports some significant enhancements and addresses a number of issues commonly affected prior versions.  Some highlights of this beta include:

  • PIbufss now supports buffering to multiple servers and collectives. This is an important feature for clients that rely on PIBufSS to distribute data across a collective. Previously you had to choose one PI collective to buffer to, now you don't have to choose.
  • PIbufss now sends data 2-3 times faster than previous versions (assuming the necessary additional bandwidth is available.) This not only means higher sustained data rates, but it also means that after a network outage any data queued up will be unloaded faster, resulting in users getting live updates that much sooner.
    • New auto-tuning feature attempts to maximize throughput by finding the optimal number of events to send per message
  • PIbufss is now more robust when recovering from an uncontrolled shutdown. When running prior versions it was not uncommon after a power outage for pibufss to stop sending data to the server due to a queue file getting corrupt. This would require manual intervention to dismount and rename/repair the queue. PIbufss 4.3 is built on newer queue technology that can recover from these situations.
  • Improvements for monitoring the health of PIBufSS
    • A single health status that provides indication of the health of PIBufSS
    • A new three tired health diagnostics capability with drilled down capabilities using performance counters
    • New command line options and enhancements
  • New Buffering Manager, which includes:
    • An Upgrade wizard to help migrate from BufServ to PIBufSS 
    • An Add Server wizard to help users through the process of configuring buffering to a new server.
    • A Dashboard for configuring and monitoring buffering. The dashboard can be launched from:
      • ICU (included)
      • SDK Utility (included)
      • PI System Explorer (PI AF Client 2014 - not included)

Note: PI AF 2014 is compatible with PIbufss 2014.


Please consult the release note with additional details and current limitations to this Beta.


As with all non-released software, we do not recommend installing this in a production environment.


We would appreciate your feedback, including bug reports.  Please send them to our dedicated mailbox at:  We will be monitoring this mailbox and will reply back to you as quickly as possible.