Back to the Future

Blog Post created by skwan on May 14, 2014

Hi vCampus Members,


We are excited to announce the availability of our first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the next major version of the PI Data Archive, code-named “DeLorean” and tentatively labeled “PI Data Archive 2014 R2”.  This release introduces two major features:  (1) the ability to store time series data with future time stamps and (2) the ability to migrate PI Batch data to PI Event Frames.  As with any CTP, please review the limitations detailed in the accompanying documentation before proceeding too far, and please conduct your evaluation in a test environment.  You can download the files from the Download Center in the Pre-Release category.


Prior to DeLorean, the PI Data Archive rejected data with timestamps that were greater than 10 minutes into the future relative to the server’s clock.  Because of this limitation, users that still needed future data have been forced to deploy complex and costly workarounds that offer a limited user experience at best.  CTP1 finally removes this limitation and allows you to store data with timestamps throughout the entire UTC time range:  January 1970 to January 2038.  In order to support this new storage capability, the PI Data Archive is introducing the concept of “future PI Points” or “future tags” allowing separation from all the data for traditional “historical PI Points” or “historical tags”.  While the PI Data Archive is critical to unlocking the value of future data in the PI System, many more components – particularly our PI System Access (e.g., PI AF SDK) and PI Visualization (e.g., PI Coresight and PI ProcessBook) products – are also getting updated in order to deliver a superior user experience.  New versions of these other products are not available with CTP1, but we are providing detailed documentation on limitations and workarounds based on released versions so that you can start your evaluation of future data right away.


PI Event Frames were introduced several years ago, and rollout of their implementation throughout the PI System has occurred in different waves.   As we near the completion of “Wave 2”, we are focusing our efforts on providing PI Event Frames support for standard PI Batch users.  CTP1 provides the ability to perform a complete, one-way migration of your PI Batch data to PI Event Frames in order to establish a new system of record.  During and after migration, the entire PI Batch database remains in a read-only state for reference purposes.  Just like with future data storage, CTP1 has several limitations, so please consult the accompanying documentation for details.


Even though CTP1 is not feature complete and has significant limitations, soliciting early feedback from our technical and forward-thinking vCampus community will only make our upcoming release that much more reliable and valuable.  We build the OSIsoft ecosystem together, and we hope that you share our enthusiasm for DeLorean’s features and their potential for the PI System.  If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact us at


Thank you for your time and vibrant engagement.




Doc Brown and the PI Data Archive Team