PI Server 2014 R2 and Beyond

Blog Post created by skwan on Aug 29, 2014

As you may have already noticed, PI Server 2014 R2 has been released.  More specifically, PI AF, a component of the PI Server, has been updated to version 2.6.1.  This release corrects several issues with notification upgrades in PI AF 2014 (v2.6) which I know affected some of you.  My apologies for the issues that you may encountered.  This release also introduces steam functions to analyses.  Now you're able to calculate steam properties in your analyses using the latest IAPWS-IF97 (industrial formulation) standards.  There are many other fixes and enhancements in this release so please consult the relevant release notes and documentations for details.  There are many more enhancements on the way so if you have any specific features that you need, please let me know.


I have received some questions and comments on our current naming convention.  I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that back in 2010, we made a strategic move to redefine what "PI Server" means.  Today, the PI Server is not a single product, but rather it consists of several components.  These components include the PI Data Archive, PI Asset Framework, PI Notifications, PI ACE and a few interfaces for monitoring the health of the servers.  Therefore, although this release consists of an upgrade to PI AF, it is considered an upgrade to the PI Server and hence the PI Server 2014 R2 label.


Lastly, for those of you that may be testing the PI Data Archive CTP which provides for native support for data with future time stamps, you may have noticed that the estimated release date is now Q2 2015.  As such, we're tentatively labeling it "PI Data Archive 2015", which is a change from past communications.  I wanted to bring this up in this blog post to minimize confusion.


Feel free to consult the PI System Roadmap for the latest information on product releases.  Hope to see you all at the Lisbon User's Conference in a few weeks.




Steve Kwan