PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS now in Beta 3!

Blog Post created by bperry Employee on Oct 3, 2014

Picking up where the last post left off...




In our previous post, we announced the first beta release of PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS. Now - fast forward a few months - and we're in Beta 3! It's available in the download center, and requires Windows 8/Server 2012 and an Esri ArcGIS system. Speaking candidly, as we like to do here on vCampus, Beta 3 is our Release Candidate, and we're hopeful that it will carry us to Release 1 very shortly. Barring any significant issues, the code is feature-complete and all that remains on the horizon are a few bugs to fix and edges to smooth. This means we're very interested in feedback! The beta mailbox is BetaIntegratorForEsri@osisoft.com




The biggest change that Beta 3 brings is a different transport between our Configuration Portal and Esri's Geo Event Processor. We previously used the WebSocket protocol to send data to Esri, but that approach ended up with some intractable reliability problems. So the new transport-of-choice to send data to Esri is our old friend, HTTP. Esri's Geo Event Processor now makes simple HTTP(S) requests to us at some configured frequency and the system is much more reliable. This actually has some other pretty great advantages (being stateless at the web tier, it scales to the cloud/farm very well; individual requests can fail without bringing down the whole chain; etc) and the overhead is trivial compared to the payload size. Our data back-end is also optimized for that, and now scales far higher than in previous beta versions.




We hope that if maps are your thing, and ArcGIS is your style, that you take the opportunity to try out our Integrator!




Michael van der Veeken
Brandon Perry



P.S. - On a very related topic, Esri has some great documentation about their REST API and JavaScript libraries. The Esri Integrator product exists to feed PI data into the Esri world, so there's an opportunity for some rather novel apps and widgets to interact with real-time data on maps. We're rather curious to see what the community comes up with!


P.P.S. - Speaking of our data back-end ("Data Relay"), it is AF SDK-based and we've learned some lessons that we intend to share with the community: mostly, in regards to making the AFDataPipe and AFDataCache objects robust. If anyone has specific questions or requests before that blog post gets written, please shoot us a message.