Ahmad Fattahi

PI Developers Club is OSIsoft vCampus 2.0

Blog Post created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Nov 3, 2014

PI Developers Club (PI DevClub) is almost here! OSIsoft vCampus will soon start its transition into the new and improved PI Developers Club. The vCampus program has been very successful in enabling you to develop more and better applications for the PI System. That’s why we are doubling down on the program to provide you with an even better service. To that end we are improving paid and public benefits of our developer program. We are also adding phone and email development support for our SRP customers. Let’s walk through these changes:


Q: What do I need to do? Nothing! Regardless of you being a member or not we will take care of all of these changes. If you are a member you will see the newly added benefits automatically. If you are not a member we encourage you to take advantage of the public content and engage with the developer community. We encourage you to consider becoming a member to enjoy all of the exclusive member benefits.


Q: When does it happen? The first phase, including several feature improvements, will be delivered in December 2014. Some transactional aspects, such as invoices and licensing, will come in future phases.






Q: Is the price changing? No! Pricing remains the same as vCampus.


Q: What is included in the paid program? On top of the existing member-only features we are adding three new exclusive benefits for members:

  1. Enjoy Better Support: though the forums will be open to all, we will make sure that questions by paid members enjoy priority support by OSIsoft staff.
  2. Get Discounts: we offer member discounts for those attending yearly technical events or taking online workshops covering programming topics.
  3. Get Recognized: members should be recognized in the community for their investment. We have devised features in the community for PI DevClub members to be clearly identified.







Q: What benefits will become publicly available? Most of our existing vCampus content will open up to the public. Such content includes discussion forums, blogs, webinars, and most of the technical papers. Our goal is to lower the barrier for PI users to participate in development-themed discussions and to foster more overall engagement for members and non-members alike.





Q: What is the relationship between PI DevClub and OSIsoft Community, PI Square? We are very excited to roll out these major improvements together with the bigger OSIsoft community, PI Square. PI Square is the open community for all PI professionals to get together, exchange ideas, and get help and support on their questions. The social features of PI DevClub will be delivered in the context of PI Square. At the same time, we are excited to bring together our partners, developers, customers, and OSIsoft employees all in one community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments about these new changes.