Change in direction for OData

Blog Post created by ray on Dec 24, 2014

We started work on an OData Service for the PI System almost two years ago. At that time, it looked like OData would be the next big thing in data access from Microsoft. It’s designed using REST principles, has simplified but powerful query capabilities, and rich meta-data. Since it’s built on the HTTP protocol, it is a good choice for data access from client platforms other than Windows.

Unfortunately, now that our OData implementation is ready it looks like the market for it has not materialized. We don’t yet have any feedback from customers who say they absolutely require OData. Instead, it appears that OLEDB connectivity remains dominant in the market. It also looks like the ODBC standard will continue to grow now that it is being revitalized by Microsoft.

So, what should we do with our OData service? We have decided to make it available as an add-in to the PI Web API. We are calling this the OData Service CTP (Community Technology Preview). We encourage you to experiment with it. The CTP designation means we reserve the right to withdraw it completely if we find no significant use of it. On the other hand, if we find that a significant number of you do indeed find value in OData, we will go ahead and release.

We just launched the CTP release of PI Web API. This release will contain the PI OData CTP. If all goes well, PI Web API 2015 will be released in January. The OData service itself will be in the CTP state until we make our final decision. Let us know what you think!