Ahmad Fattahi

PI Developers Club Road Map in 2015

Blog Post created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Jan 6, 2015

2014: We had a very exciting year 2014. We moved from our home of 6 years (vCampus) to our shiny new platform PI Developers Club in December. In the meantime we integrated with the bigger PI community, beefed up our development support crew, and opened up content to everybody in the community. We are confident these changes will help us grow the developer community even further and also integrate better with the broader PI System users community in PI Square. In 2014 we handled more than 900 new discussion threads. Looking forward to reaching for higher targets in 2015.



2015: Enabling development of applications for the PI System is a high priority for OSIsoft. We will continue the trend that was started last year and add more valuable pieces to this ecosystem.


  • PI Developers Club: we will continue nurturing and improving the features of our program, PI Developers Club. Customers on active SRP can enjoy specialized support on phone and email for their development-related questions. Share your other improvement ideas with me.
  • App Exchange: we will start looking into a more formal way to exchange applications in the community. There is a tremendous amount of energy and skill in PI Developers Club. We want to make it as easy as possible to build and share useful applications with the community. In 2015 we will talk to people from the technical and business sides and investigate best practices. Please share your thoughts on this topic with me! Tell me what would make it easier or more profitable for you to build applications for PI System. We love to know how we can help you do well building and distributing such applications!
  • Development PI System in the cloud: Cloud is not only a cost saver or matter of convenience; it fosters growth. We have already started investigating ways to offer PI Developers Club software package (aka. your development PI System) in the cloud. The idea is to offer a new way for developers to spawn a full development PI System in a matter of minutes. Expect to hear more on this issue in 2015 from us. Note that this will be in addition to the on-premise version of the development PI System.
  • UC TechCon 2015: in Users Conference 2015 we will start the technical conference in its new format (formerly known as vCampus Live!). We call it UC TechCon. We will have several rich technical hands-on sessions for developers and system admins to learn and connect with their peers. The good old Programming and Security hackathons are back; the theme of the Programming hackathon this year is Internet of Things (IoT). You can already register for the event.


I am very excited about the year ahead of us! 2015 will be a great year for the PI Community and, in particular, PI Geeks. Now that the new platform is in place it's time to innovate and build more apps together!