Deprecating the PI SDK

Blog Post created by ray on May 21, 2015

That’s a surprising blog post title but please don’t panic! We are not cancelling the PI SDK and will not do so for some time to come. We’ve just been doing some careful examination of our older PI Developer Technologies to see if they still have a place in the changing world of technology. We understand that many of you have built applications that rely on the PI SDK so this is an important discussion. We believe we can’t deprecate a technology unless a replacement is available with equivalent or superior features and performance. We believe this is the case with the PI SDK. Microsoft has been moving away from COM technology towards the .NET Framework for some time. Our AF SDK is built with the .NET Framework and now has the vast majority of the features of the PI SDK including direct access to points in the PI Data Archive. We think the AF SDK is ready to take over!


We have been talking about deprecating the PI SDK at several OSIsoft events including the recent User Conference 2015 in San Francisco. Feedback has been supportive. Still, we would like to make sure that you understand where we are going. The PI SDK is now officially “Transitioning-to-Deprecated.” This means that the actual end date for the product is years away which gives you…and us…time to migrate. However, we recommend that you start creating a transition plan for both new and existing developments. For more details about the roadmap of PI Developer Technologies please see this presentation from our San Francisco User Conference. We offer an online workshop on the AF SDK that you can follow at your own pace or register for an official offering. If you would like to talk about your own development roadmap, please let us know.