Un-deprecating the PI OPC DA and PI OPC HDA Servers

Blog Post created by ray on Sep 25, 2015

After careful consideration and after talking to many of you, we have decided that it is not appropriate to deprecate the PI OPC DA Server and the PI OPC HDA Server. It turns out that OPC is still a vital interconnection method for many industrial software applications and is still in use in mission-critical applications. So, you can once again consider our OPC Servers to be supported products with a strong future. We are working on a completely new implementation of the PI OPC DA Server using our AF SDK that should solve some of the performance and scalability problems you have been seeing. The architecture of the PI OPC HDA Server will remain as-is for the time being but we will be addressing some of its outstanding issues.


The PI OPC Servers are freely available for download from the Technical Support website just as the other Developer Technologies. As with the others, you will need a license from OSIsoft to deploy client applications that use the PI OPC Servers. The PI OPC DA Server and PI OPC HDA Server are covered by the PSA license but also the older DA license. Talk to your Account Manager if you have questions.