PI AF SDK Basic Samples

Blog Post created by bshang Employee on Nov 24, 2015

Dear PI geeks,


A new Github repository has been created for newcomers to PI AF SDK.




osisoft/PI-AF-SDK-Basic-Samples · GitHub


This repository provides self-contained and reproducible samples of basic operations using PI AF SDK. The aim is to provide an accessible, hands-on learning experience with the PI AF SDK using code examples that are short, portable, and easy to follow. Many of the examples follow the Examples in the PI AF SDK online reference guide but in the context of a sample NuGreen AF Database.


Each example demonstrates a basic operation within the PI AF SDK. These examples present PI AF SDK as a set of basic building blocks. The goal is to enable the user to learn the basic operations of PI AF SDK so they then have the tools to build more specific applications and a foundation to learn more advanced PI AF SDK concepts.


The aim is not to cover the entire PI AF SDK, but just enough to get started and understand the broader picture. As experienced users may know, there are many ways to get to a result in PI AF SDK and these examples will only aim to cover a small, but relevant portion.


We'll be adding additional examples in the future and welcome any suggestions and contributions.