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Winners of the Programming Hackathon at TechCon 2016 in San Francisco

Blog Post created by Marcos Vainer Loeff Employee on Apr 13, 2016

We are excited to present the TechCon Programming Hackathon 2016 winners!


The theme of this year's Hackathon was Smart Cities. The San Diego International airport kindly provided a sample of their data for our event, including more than 16,000 PI tags. Participants were encouraged to create killer applications for the airport by leveraging the PI System infrastructure.


The participants had 24 hours to create an app using any of the following technologies:

  • PI Server 2016 Beta
  • PI Web API 2016 Beta
  • PI Coresight 2016  Beta
  • PI OLEDB Enterprise 2016  Beta


The elements of the provided AF database fall into 4 main categories:

  • EV (electric vehicle) chargers
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • Utilities usage (electricity meters)
  • Flight traffic (arrival/departure info)


Our judges evaluated each app based on their creativity, technical content, potential business impact, data analysis and insight and UI/UX. Although it is a tough challenge to create an app in 24 hours, eight groups were able to finish their app and present to the judges!



1st place: GoPro Hero 4, one year free subscription to PI Developers Club, one time free registration at OSIsoft Users Conference over the next 1 year

2nd place: Bose Wireless Headphone, one year free subscription to PI Developers Club, 50% discount for registration at OSIsoft Users Conference over the next 1 year

3rd place: Amazon Echo, one year free subscription to PI Developers Club



Congratulations to everyone who participated!


Without further ado, here are the winners!


1st place - OhmMan


The team members were: Jon Horton, James Hughes, David Rose, Yuankang (Matt) Chen.











Team OhmMan developed a web application that shows Key Point Indicators for energy usage, environmental impact and displays charging UV usage data. One of the web pages for the EV Chargers embedded a PI Coresight 2016 display. As PI Coresight 2016 is fully developed in HTML5, it works pretty well on mobile browsers.



The app also enables customers to view the free EV Charger locations on a monitor mounted at the entrance to the parking lot.



Finally, another display of the app shows key environmental indicators in real time.



The team used the following technologies:

  • PI Coresight with AF Calculated attributes
  • PI ProcessBook
  • jQuery


2nd place - Cool Energy


The team members were: Rick Rys, Thiago Bacic, Stefano D'Avila Bassan and Brandon Lake!




Team Cool Energy created a web app that shows a KPI Dashboard providing a quick visual understanding of potential energy cost savings. This app enables the airport to find areas where they are being overheated, for instance. The graphics provided by the app indicate the regulation of comfort zone in each terminal area with dynamic Psychometric charts.


This app also helps:

  • Compute equipment efficiency and alert problems (Boilers, Chillers, Zones, piping)
  • Determine controller performance  (to identify problem equipment and zones)


Here are some screenshots presented by Cool Energy!




3rd place - FootGen


The team members were: Robert Raesemann, Ionut Buse, Rhys Kirk, Gael Cottet.




The vision of the FootGen team is to generate foot energy within the San Diego International airport and they created a application to monitor harvest from passengers. They developed a web app using PI ProcessBook displays embedded on PI Coresight to monitor the main system and also a customer portal using PI AF SDK and Angular JS. Some work on the PI System was required for the application to work:


  • Enriched the flight data on the AF Database (passengers, terminal …)
  • Used AF Analytics to calculate FootGen generation from passenger numbers per flight
  • Rolled up to Terminal Level


The team used the following technologies:

  • AngularJS
  • Web Service + AF SDK
  • Event Frames
  • AF Analytics
  • PI Coresight


Here are some screenshots presented by FootGen!