Working with PI AF SDK 2016 - Introduction to the blog post series

Blog Post created by pthivierge on Jun 23, 2016

Hello Everyone, today we are presenting to you the beginning of a blog series that will cover the most recent enhancements and features in the PI AF SDK 2016 ( and greater. My colleagues and myself, with the help of the AF SDK Development Team, will prepare and publish those posts in the upcoming weeks. Our initial thought on this is that there are many new features that are worth an explanation; we also believe this may help you in:

  • Learning the best practices when using the AF SDK
  • Understanding .NET features you may not be aware of and don't really know when to use




We already prepared a few topics we want to cover, and you are more than welcome to propose ideas and suggest which topics you would like to be covered first.

Below are the current topics we are preparing to work on. The number is just a reference so you can refer to them in your comments. The order in which the posts will come may differ.


Post Topic
1Why you should use the new AF SDK SearchAF SDK 2016 ( introduces a new and faster search mechanism for elements and event frames. This post will explain how to leverage the new search features.
2Async with PI AF SDK: IntroductionIntroduction to the new async methods that may help improving performances in specific circumstances. We will answer questions such as when should I use async AF SDK calls? And how to use async and await in .NET?
3Async with PI AF SDK: From Tasks to ObservablesMany async use cases involve launching multiple async tasks and processing them as they complete. This post demonstrates how to do so effectively using an Observable pattern provided by Rx.NET. IObservable is the asynchronous complement to IEnumerable found in the (synchronous) AF SDK bulk calls.
4Event frame searching using the AFEventFrameSearch classDiscuss how to go from legacy AF SDK FindEventFrames search criteria to the newer AFEventFrameSearch class.
5New PI Data Archive RPCs - ReplaceValues and RecordedValuesAtTimesLearn about the newly available RPCs on the PI Data Archive and how to leverage them to maximize your application performances.
6New Attributes TraitsAF Attributes may be identified with specific traits or behaviors, such as Limits, Forecast and Analysis Start Triggers to better allow applications to find, display, and analyze related attributes. This post will look into possibilities offered by these new traits from a developer perspective.


Feel free to comment and let us know what topics have the most value for you. Based on your comments we may change / add topics into this list!


We hope you'll enjoy reading and discovering new features


The PI Developers Club Team