Next Generation PI SQL Processing

Blog Post created by ray on Jan 10, 2018

We have been working on a new SQL query processing engine we call the Real-Time Query Processor (RTQP). The RTQP Engine has several important goals. First and foremost, we plan to improve performance and scalability of your SQL queries. We understand that some queries involving large PI System databases and large amounts of time series data could be improved. Secondly, we are taking the opportunity to simplify the design of the tables that support SQL queries. Our goal is to simplify our design so that fewer table joins are required to perform your most common tasks.


The OSIsoft PI SQL Team is proud to announce the availability of the second Community Technology (CTP2) release of the Real-Time Query Processor (RTQP)! There was a CTP1 which was shared with a few early adopters; we thank them for their feedback. To install CTP2, you need a new OLEDB provider called PI SQL Client OLEDB. This provider communicates with the PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine) which performs the SQL query processing. You can download the PI SQL Client OLEDB, documentation and release notes from the Technical Support Download Center. The required PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine) is an optional component in the PI AF Services 2017 R2 install kit.


Our new table designs are not compatible with PI OLEDB Enterprise. We hope you will be motivated to migrate but we will continue to support PI OLEDB Enterprise and PI OLEDB Provider indefinitely so we don’t break your working configurations. They can be installed in parallel.


We welcome feedback! Please contact us at BetaOLEDB@osisoft.com instead of calling Technical Support. Or, you can post comments here.