Welcome to our newest utility: AF Transformer

Blog Post created by ccoen on Feb 15, 2018

OSIsoft is excited to present a brand new utility called the AF Transfomer.


The AF Transformer can take one or more source AF structures, reshape those structures and then write them to another AF destination.  This can be useful when you have one or more AF reference structures containing enough meta data to be able to shape into other AF structures that benefit other users and use cases in an organization.  We have found many organizations desire different AF structures for different purposes.


Example transformation where a new parent element is created from an attribute:

DevClub blog no.1.png


One use case that comes up regularly is for transforming the AF structures built by PI Connectors.  The source AF structures built by PI Connectors can serve as a useful model for the PI Admin and controls engineer to confirm that the right data is being collected because the AF structure looks exactly like the data source's meta data.  However, the shape of data coming from data sources often does not fit perfectly the way an organization or end user desire to consume the data.  Hence, the AF Transformer can help.


You may have seen this at the London UC where we showed a few examples during this talk.  Forward to about 14 minutes in and the next 10 minutes cover the basics of what problem this tool helps you solve and then gives a few demos.  Feel free to watch when you have a few minutes. Additionally, we will follow this blog with some more detailed examples for you to learn from.  There are plenty of examples (including source AF databases to transform) installed with the utility.


We'd like the community of developers, partners, and customers alike to share their questions, their successes and maybe a few examples of what they create in the Developers Club community.  Stay tuned for more content from us and in the meanwhile, we look forward to your questions, comments, suggestions, and successes!


Download the installation kit, user manual, reference guide and release notes at the AF Transformer group site on PI Square.  The group is a private group but we are glad to give you access!  Just click this link, request access, and we will approve shortly and notify you when you have access.


And here's a very easy hands-on tutorial!