Announcing the 2018 PI Developers Club All-Stars!

Blog Post created by rdavin Employee on Apr 27, 2018

On behalf of Engineering's Technology Enablement team, and in conjunction with Technical Support's Developer Technologies team, it is my privilege to announce this year's Community All-Stars.  We give special recognition to these individuals for their prolific and relentless contributions to the PI Community at large.  We thank them for sharing their experiences and knowledge for all things PI, and in particular for any posts that are developer related.  Let me add that each recipient holds near and dear to each of them the concept of "community", and even if we did not hand out such awards, or if we did not hand out any prize other than simple recognition, these individuals would still post and contribute to our PI Square Community with the same dedication for the sheer sake of expanding the knowledge base of the community.


I ask my fellow PI Geeks to help congratulate our deserving 2018 All-Stars!  It's interesting to note that are 3 Community All-Star and one Rising Star are from 4 different continents.


PI All Stars 2018.jpg

Rick Davin (far left), Paurav Joshi, John Messinger, and Dan Fishman.  Not shown: Roger Palmen.



PI Developers Community All-Stars 2018

  • Dan Fishman, Exele Information Systems.  Dan is a first time winner as Community All-Star but won twice before as OSIsoft All-Star.
  • John Messinger, Optimate Pty Ltd.  John wins for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Roger Palmen, CGI.  I don't remember a year when Roger wasn't a winner.


Last year as an experiment, I began following a lot of people.  Anyone who has ever been an All-Star, honorable mention, or just nominated.  I can tell you that my Inbox was slammed all year by answers from Dan, John, and Roger.  Thanks, guys.  I don't mean that sarcastically.  Each "spam" in my Inbox from you is you helping another community member, so absolutely, sincerely THANKS!


PI Developers Club Community Rising Star 2018

We introduced this category last year to recognize contributions and efforts on well deserving contributors that steadily add to our content here but just fall short of the elite upper strata of All-Star.  A big difference between Rising Star and All-Star is a Rising Star may only be awarded once, whereas All-Star may be won year after year (I'm looking at you, Roger).  Anyone who has ever been an All-Star or Rising Star in the past is ineligible for further consideration as a Rising Star.  Last year we handed out 3 of these as a means of playing catch-up to some folks who have been solid contributors over the year.  This year we have only one winner:



Paurav along with Dan, John, and Roger win:

  1. Recognition in the community
  2. One year free subscription or renewal to PI Developers Club
  3. One-time free registration to a 2019 PI World event (SF or EMEA)
  4. A legal waiver for them to sign
  5. An Amazon gift card worth $400 USD granted after submitting the signed legal waiver back to us


And let's not forget there are a lot of fine contributors within OSIsoft.  While it is our job to help customers, we do want to recognize a select few for their efforts the past year.


PI Developers Club OSIsoft All-Stars 2018


Our OSIsoft recipients win:

  1. Recognition in the community
  2. Amazon gift card worth $200 USD


The clock has been reset and everyone's slate is clean

It's never too early to start thinking about 2019 All-Stars.  We monitor the quantity and quality of posts from one PI World SF to the next in order to pick our winners.  The new countdown has begun.  One thing I can tell you that all of our 2018 winners have in common are the following:

  • A high volume of posts
  • Posts of high quality (lots flagged as helpful or marked as answers)
  • A strong desire to help others.


Absolutely, positively candidates must contribute to threads other than their own.  In short, you must show strong participation in the community as a whole.  Without a doubt this year's crop of winners have done just that.