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Spin up AF Client container

Blog Post created by Eugene Lee on May 21, 2018

Note: Development and Testing purposes only. Not supported in production environments.


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Containerization Hub


In this blog post, the instructions for building an AF Client image will be shown. For instructions on how to install Docker, please see the link above.


1. Please clone this git repository. GitHub - elee3/AF-Client-container-build

2. Download AF Client 2017R2 from the Techsupport website. AF Client 2017 R2

3. Extract AF Client into the cloned folder.

4. Run build.bat


If you prefer us to build the image for you so that you can docker pull it immediately (less hassle). Please post in the comments!



This container can be used to compile your AF SDK code (so that you do not have to install Visual Studio) and you can use the container to pack an AF SDK application with its AF Client dependency for easier distribution. An AF SDK sample application (called afs) has been included in the image for you to try compiling it.



Containers cannot run applications with GUI such as WPF and Windows Forms applications.


Update 27 Jun 2018

Fixed an issue with the registry links breaking.