I Connected My Nerd Keyboard to the PI Server, Here's How I Did It

Blog Post created by csawyer Employee on Jul 5, 2018

I really need to see my CPU status all the time

How many times do you fish through Task Manager in Windows or pop open a terminal to run htop to reassure yourself that your CPU is running hot?  If you write code this is all the time.   For one project at OSIsoft I actually bought a DEC VT-420 dumb tube and a serial-to-USB adapter whose sole purpose was to run top as I was working because I needed to kill errant programs that often.  But that wasn't very green and it took up space on my desk.


I've found a better way. I have a Task Manager CPU display on my keyboard and I'm tracking my CPU% on the PI Server continuously.   Using Go*.



You can use any Web API Client library you want, but this was a good way to get a one-off daemon up and running quickly in a matter of minutes.