PIPoint Search Utility

Blog Post created by tramachandran on Sep 5, 2018


This console utility was developed to demonstrate PIPoint Search Syntax in AF SDK and as a aid to accompany the examples shown in the blog post  PIPoint Search Query in AF SDK

As a stand alone tool, it provides a quick way to perform searches and verify syntactic correctness of query strings.




0. Connect to PI Data Archive

This is required for both searching for PI Points and Parsing Query Strings as certain attributes depend on the version of the server.


1. Search PI Points using a Query String

Output columns: Tag name, Point ID, PointType, PointClass


2. Parse Query Strings into individual PI Point Queries


3. Specify SearchNameAndDescriptor

If true and the Tag attribute name is specified and the Descriptor attribute name is not specified in the query, then both of these attributes will be searched using the Tag query value. Default = false


4. Specify AFSearchTextOption

Indicates the text search option to be applied to the search pattern. Default = StartsWith


Source Code and Download

GitHub: GitHub - ThyagOSI/PIPointSearchSyntax