PI World Tech Talks - Showing the Developer Community a little love

Blog Post created by rdavin Employee on Mar 4, 2019

In about a month, PI World 2019 will kick off in San Francisco.  Like the past many years, the events will be spread over 3 hotels.  Also like the past many years, the Parc 55 hotel is where you will find events catering specifically to developers and the data science community.  A year ago we introduced "Live Coding" sessions and "How To" walk-throughs to offer a more indepth talk (more steak, less sizzle).  This year we have collectively rebranded these new formats into a common track: Tech Talks.  These 90 minute talks hit the sweet spot for many.  If you leave a traditional 45 minute PowerPoint talk wishing for more details, then the longer 90 minute Tech Talk is for you.  If you feel a 3 hour lab is too slow, or you would rather be shown the material rather than typing it yourself, then the shorter 90 minute Tech Talk is for you too.



We have expanded the Tech Talks to begin on Day 2 rather than wait until Day 3.  Here's what you can find on the agenda.


Day 2 Tech Talks (Parc 55)

  • Using Stream Views for Real Time Analytics
  • Using PI Web API and PowerApps to Build Real World Apps With Your PI Data
  • Leveraging the Power of PI Vision Extensibility
  • Concurrent Programming for PI Developers
  • Generating API Clients with OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) specifications and interacting with REST endpoints
  • Effortlessly deploying a PI System in Azure or AWS


Day 3 Tech Talks (Parc 55)

  • OSIsoft Cloud Services for Developers
  • Writing High Performance Applications with AF SDK
  • Modernizing PI SQL For the Future
  • Create Dashboards to monitor PI Analysis Service


Check out the agenda for exact times and room locations.  While you are peeking at the agenda take a look at Day 2 PI Geek Talks and Day 3 Developer Talks too.  All are offered at the Parc 55.


And join us from 4:30-6:00 PM on Day 3 for the Developers Reception.