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PI World 2019 San Francisco Tech Talk: Effortlessly deploying a PI System in Azure or AWS

Blog Post created by Eugene Lee on Apr 5, 2019

Greetings fellow PI Geeks!


It is about to be that time of the year again next week where we come together to learn from each other and share about the innovative and exciting things that is made possible with the wonderful PI System.



Cloud computing will be one of the major themes in this year's event. At OSIsoft, our Cloud Vision is to be Ready Now, Ready for Tomorrow.

To fulfill this vision today, the traditional on-premise PI System workloads can be migrated to an IaaS model in the cloud. In the future, a PaaS model migration will also be possible with OSIsoft Cloud Services.

For those of you who are looking to deploy a PI System effortlessly in the cloud in just a matter of minutes, there is a Tech Talk that is perfect for you!

Unlike a normal talk, this Tech Talk will go more in-depth into the topic presented with live demos, and will last for 90 minutes as opposed to the usual 45 minutes.


Below are the details of the Tech Talk that will be presented by me and Valentin.


Effortlessly deploying a PI System in Azure or AWS

Time: Day 2, 10 April 2019, Wednesday, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Parc 55, Mission II, Level 4


An increasing number of organizations are migrating their IT workloads to cloud platforms as part of their digital transformation and cloud first initiatives. New techniques have emerged to ease some of these challenges with automating deployments of network, storage and compute. Join us in this Tech Talk to learn about using automation and infrastructure as code tools to deploy a PI System simply on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud. AWS CloudFormation templates and ARM scripts are used for hosting the PI System on these platforms, helping to automate Dev/Test/Prod deployment of the PI System.


Hope to see you next Wednesday and have a great weekend!