Test OMF Endpoint now available

Blog Post created by adutta on Oct 9, 2018

An OMF endpoint for partners and 3rd party developers to test integration with the PI System is now available! This environment is intended for one off testing only and not for demos, performance testing, or long term use.


Get access to the OMF endpoint:

Email with a short summary of what your OMF application will write. We’ll provide the Connector Relay URL, Producer Token and PI Vision access instructions to verify data is received in the PI Server.


Environment Architecture, usage and getting started:

The OMF endpoint is a PI System environment hosted within Microsoft Azure that should receive the data from your OMF application.



Configure your OMF application use the supplied PI Connector Relay URL and producer token (provided when you request access) and start sending data to the PI Server!

Verify that data was properly written to the PI System using PI Vision to explore created AF elements, attributes and points.


To get started check out



This environment is meant for short term compatibility testing, and is not meant for demonstrations, performance testing, or long term testing.


Please limit your application to create no more than ~100 AF elements and ~100 tags on the PI System and no more than 100 events/sec of data writes. If you need to run tests with more than this, please email to discuss options before continuing.


Please limit your OMF application to run for no more than 3 days. There will be periodic maintenance of the environment where OMF applications and associated AF elements, PI tags, etc. older than 14 days may be deleted without any additional notice.


Do not perform stress tests or run applications that can overwhelm the system. We reserve the right to revoke tokens if any application that abuses the system.


Once you have completed your tests and verified that your application is working as expected, let us know at that you have completed your test and we will go ahead and delete the Producer Token and related PI System data.


If you have any technical questions or issues with your OMF application, please contact OSIsoft TechSupport. If you have any questions or issues regarding the test environment, contact the Partner team at