Naming the next OLEDB Provider

Blog Post created by ray on Feb 1, 2017

We are working on a new SQL query processing engine for our PI SQL family of products. The main goals are to improve the scalability and performance of our SQL processing. While we are at it, we will update the design of our tables just a bit to simplify some common query patterns. The query engine will be implemented in an updated PI SQL Data Access Server (PI SQL DAS) which means that, over time, the PI ODBC Driver, PI JDBC Driver and PI OLEDB providers will evolve to take advantage of it.


The current PI OLEDB Enterprise and PI OLEDB Providers do their own query processing, but the new OLEDB provider will be a lightweight provider that talks to the PI SQL DAS to process queries. The new OLEDB provider will need to coexist with the current providers. So, one of our problems is that we need a new name for the new OLEDB provider. Our favorite so far is "PI SQL Client OLEDB." Can you think of a better name? We'd like your suggestions!