Kenji Hashimoto

PI Vision 2017 Compass Gauge symbol

Blog Post created by Kenji Hashimoto on Oct 4, 2017

Sometimes we want to show compass gauge for showing the wind direction by PI Vision.

I found "Canvas Gauge" library, so tried it on PI Vision.

GitHub - Mikhus/canvas-gauges: HTML5 Canvas Gauge (Canvas Gauges library)

(Wind Turbine picture is coming from symbol library. My custom symbol shows only compass gauge)


My PI Vision custom symbol code is on this link.

GitHub - kenji0711/CompassGaugeCustomSymbol: PI Vision 2017 custom symbol. It can show compass. the value should be from…

The tag should have 0-360 values and it shows direction.

Please try it and put the comments. Now we don't need to use PI ProcessBook to show the compass gauge.


How to use it:

Copy the following files to %PIHOME64%\PIVision\Scripts\app\editor\symbols\ext




Copy the following files to ext\libraries



Copy the file to ext\Icons