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Q1: What is PI Developers Club?


A: The PI Developers Club (PI DevClub) is an online offering that provides resources for extending PI System capabilities beyond what comes out of the box. PI DevClub can be considered the next version of OSIsoft Virtual Campus, and offers members-only and public features. The public and member-exclusive features include discussion forums, a comprehensive development PI System, facilitated training, documentation, technical content, and access to the community. While the bulk of activity takes place in PI Square, the OSIsoft online community, customers with active Software Reliance Program (SRP) can use phone and email to initiate support cases on development issues as well. PI DevClub is intended to facilitate communication and collaboration on PI System programming and integration between OSIsoft partners, customers, employees and 3rd parties. To see how you can join the club refer to the OSIsoft Registrations homepage.




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Q2: Is PI Developers Club for me?


A: The target audience includes PI System developers, OSIsoft partners, independent developers and researchers, as well as OSIsoft employees who are interested in PI System development.




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Q3: How do I subscribe to PI DevClub? How much does it cost?


A: You can initiate the procedure by clicking Join Now! Visit my.osisoft.com to view detailed instructional How To’s. Should you face problems signing in, please contact CustomerService@osisoft.com as indicated on the Sign-On page.


  •  1 to 9 subscriptions: 1,500 USD per subscription per year to purchase and renew thereafter. Note that continuing on a trial subscription to a regular one does not qualify for the reduced renewal rate.
  • 10 or more subscriptions: 1,250 USD per subscription per year to purchase renew thereafter.




You can choose to pay by credit card or via a purchase order (PO). If you already have a voucher code that you received from the original purchaser you will skip the payment process as the fees were already paid by somebody. Accepted types of credits cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (note that Diners Club cards are not accepted).




PLEASE READ CAREFULLY if you choose to pay by PO


Please note that we do not need a copy of the purchase order. OSIsoft does not require nor is accepting any PO for PI DevClub. We are not accepting any Terms other than those provided in our Terms of Use. If you provide a PO number, references to such PO number may be printed on our acceptance, sales, and invoice documents and are for your reference only. If a PO is sent in without a registration, the application will be considered incomplete and cannot be processed.




All subscription purchases (including trials) process within 1 business day.




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Q4: What’s the mission and how does it affect me?


A: The mission of the PI Developers Club is to add value to the PI System by enabling creation of more applications for the PI System. This goal is reached by encouraging and supporting developers to build valuable extensions (apps, solutions) that interact with the PI System. If you are an OSIsoft Partner or PI System developer you can leverage the PI DevClub resources to develop valuable applications in a shorter amount of time. Consulting with the community can also result in developing more sustainable applications by incorporating the OSIsoft road map into your design decisions at an early stage.




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Q5: What is the relationship between PI DevClub and PI Square?


A: PI Square is the open community for all PI professionals to get together, exchange ideas, and get help and support on their questions. The social features of PI DevClub will have their own dedicated space within PI Square. We want to bring all of our partners, developers, customers, and OSIsoft employees into one community. Other benefits of PI DevClub are delivered through other channels.




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Q6: What is included in PI DevClub subscriptions and who can access them?


A: The PI Developers Club’s online resources are available with read-only access to all visitors. Users who log in with their OSIsoft Single Sign On (SSO) account are able to participate in discussions and post their own questions. PI DevClub members will have access to a development PI System, and the Training Cloud Environments:




Features list for PI Developers Club Members:


  • Read forums
  • Contribute in forums
  • Read blog posts
  • Comment on blog posts
  • Access to the Training Cloud Environments
  • Software Downloads / Personal Development PI System server and clients




All PI Square Users can read/contribute in forums and read/comment on blog posts.




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Q7: Which software products are included with my membership (paid subscription)?


A: The PI Developers Club product kit contains the following:


  • PI Server: PI Data Archive, PI Asset Framework, Event Frames (PI Batch not included), Notifications, PI ACE, PI AuditViewer
  • Visualization: PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink, PI WebParts, PI Vision, PI ActiveView, PI Manual Logger
  • Interfaces: MCN Health Monitor Interface, PI to PI Interface
  • PI Developer Technologies: the OSIsoft SDKs (AF SDK and PI SDK, which includes the PI Notifications and the PI Event Frames SDK), PI Web API, PI Web Services, PI JDBC Driver, PI OLEDB Enterprise, PI ODBC Driver, PI OLEDB (Classic) Provider, and the PI OPC DA/HDA Server. Note that PI API is not included.
  • Access to the Training Cloud Environments




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Q8: What are the specifications of the provided Development PI System?


A: The PI Data Archive provides 10,000 points and the system may have up to 3 nodes in an HA (High Availability) Collective. Because the PI System is meant to be used as a personal development system (i.e. isolated from production data sources), only the default interfaces & simulators installed with the PI System and the PI to PI Interface are provided. All other PI Interfaces (such as PI Interface for OPC DA) will not work with this PI Data Archive. The PI to PI Interface is included because it provides an easy way to feed production data to this development system. Please contact your Account or Partner Manager regarding your needs if you wish to discuss additional options outside the scope of PI Developers Club.




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Q9: What is the trial subscription and how can I use it?


A: Trial subscription to PI Developers Club is designed to provide a straightforward way for individuals who are not familiar with the program or PI System development to try it for a limited time. It is an automated process where the interested individual can start a 45-day trial period to take advantage of all member benefits. At the conclusion of the period the subscriber will have the option to change to a regular subscription. To be eligible the individual needs to not be a subscriber over the past two years. Also, if there are existing unused subscriptions associated with the user's organization the individual is deemed ineligible for trial; in that case we recommend the individual to use their available subscriptions through their organization.




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Q10: What is the Training Cloud Environment?


 A: The TCE is a PI System in the cloud that makes it easy for customers to quickly access a running PI Server for educational purposes. Members will be able to perform tests and learn technologies in this cloud offering without installing software on premise or manipulating local servers. It comes as a benefit for PI DevClub members or it can be purchased separately. You can find more information here. Each time you launch your personal TCE, a copy of a template becomes instantiated to ensure that the content is accurate. The drawback is that your work will be lost between sessions. For this reason we highly recommend you back-up your work, for example, by sending yourself an email or uploading the content you produced to an ftp server or cloud storage. 




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Q11: My organization is an OSIsoft partner. What’s my access level?


A: A group subscription to PI DevClub is one of the major benefits of the OSIsoft Partner Program. If you own a subscription, you can access PI DevClub as a paid member. Please contact your Partner Manager at OSIsoft, or send an email to partners@osisoft.com, if you have additional questions.




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Q12: Is my paid subscription activated immediately after applying?


A: No. The application processing can take up to 3 business days. Upon completion, you will receive an email notification with instructions to complete your registration and payment.




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Q13: Can I share my PI DevClub subscription with someone else?


A: No! Please do not share your SSO account information. Each subscription is intended to be used by a specific named individual. Please refer to End-User License Agreement (EULA) for more information.




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Q14: How do I generate my license file? How is my PI DevClub PI Server license file different from the production license file?


A: To generate a license file, visit the OSIsoft Live Library: License Generation Instructions




Import Notes:


  • You must regenerate your PI Server license file after renewing your subscription
  • You must have a Super User or Admin User profile to generate a license




Generating a license is the same as any other PI System in production through OSIsoft Customer Portal.




As with any other PI System, a valid PI Server license file is required to install the PI Data Archive component. The PI Server license file is bound to a specific machine according to that machine’s “Machine Signature” which is a set of hardware and software characteristics. The member will upload a “Machine Signature File” (MSF) when generating a PI Server license file, and the resulting license file will be specific to that MSF.




In contrast to production license files, the PI DevClub PI System is intended for application/solution development purposes. Specifically, the PI Developers Club license file for the PI Server behaves differently in the following ways:


  • Only interface connections from default interfaces and simulators installed with the PI System and the PI to PI Interface are allowed.
  • The PI DevClub PI Server license file has a fixed expiration date that aligns with the subscription end date (typically 1 year).




When the expiration date is reached, the PI Data Archive(s) will go into write-only mode. This means that data can continue to be written to the PI Data Archive, but cannot be retrieved through clients until the machine specific license file for your PI DevClub PI System is renewed. Please note that with every renewal of your subscription, you will need to generate a new machine specific license file for your PI DevClub PI System. To ensure uninterrupted use of your PI DevClub PI System, please renew your subscription in time; you will enjoy special renewal rates as well.




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Q15: Can I run multiple PI Systems concurrently? Can I use one copy across multiple machines non-concurrently?


A: No. You are not licensed to run multiple copies concurrently, nor use one copy across multiple machines non-concurrently. OSIsoft PI DevClub member licenses are named user licenses. Additionally, each PI Server license file is bound to a specific machine according to the Machine Signature File used to generate the license.


Changes to the machine's software and hardware may alter the Machine Signature and require you to apply for a new license file. Access to an updated license file can only be issued by a “License Activation Request” sent to Tech Support (either through the Customer Portal or via phone). If sending a request, please include your name, server number, and a brief description of the situation. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis. For archiving purposes, you may create backups of your machine in different configurations, subject to your license agreement. This is for recovery purposes, not for concurrent usage.




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Q16: Can I install this PI System on a Virtual Machine?


A: Yes. For all practical purposes in the context of this FAQ, there is no difference between a physical and virtual machine. Each installation of the PI System, whether on one disk image or many, consumes a license. The subscriber has to generate and upload the "Machine Signature File" (MSF) to obtain a PI Server license file. On a virtual machine, the MSF is generated with information from both the Virtual Machine and the Physical Host. This means the PI Data Archive is bound to that "Virtual Machine + Physical Host" combination.




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Q17: What is the relationship between OSIsoft PI Developers Club and OSIsoft Technical Support?


A: The two programs work side-by-side to help OSIsoft customers and Partners. While the OSIsoft Customer Portal and Tech Support focuses on end users and the usage of our products, PI DevClub targets developers, partners, and builders of new applications for PI System. Both programs work very closely with each other to provide first-class service to all PI System professionals.




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Q18: What is the procedure to change the email account of my subscription?


A: Until told to do so by an OSIsoft representative, do not change the email address of your current account, and do not change your SSO account to the new email address. Doing so causes the PI DevClub registration records to become out of sync with the SSO records. Please contact CustomerService@OSIsoft.com to discuss the situation.


If you are simply changing your last name (e.g. marriage) or your current company is changing its domain name, these changes are allowed and will be validated by the Customer Service team (CustomerService@osisoft.com).




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Q19: Can I use what I build in the PI System, in a production environment?


A: The licensed PI System provided with PI Developers Club membership merely allows you to develop application. It should not be used as a production PI System. For a developed application to be deployed legally to a production environment the end-user will need a runtime license. Typically, it means they will need the PI System Access (PSA) license. (Note: it supersedes the former DAP and DA packages, which used to cover a subset of these products.) Please contact your Account Manager for more information on this topic.




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Q20: Where can I find PI Square Terms of Use and PI Developers Club End-User License Agreement (EULA)?


A: The Terms of Use for the PI Square website and services are found here: PI Square Terms of Use. The End-User-License Agreement (EULA) for vCampus/PI Developers Club can be found here: PI Developers Club Agreement. Note: the terms still refer to the program as "OSIsoft Virtual Campus" until we complete the transition.




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Q21: I am an EA Customer, how do I request PI Developers Club subscriptions


A: Visit my.osisoft.com to view How To instructions. See How to Request More PI DevClub Subscriptions - EA Only




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Q22: I am an EA Customer, how come I cannot request additional PI Develepers Club subscriptions?


A: You can request additional subscriptions for Virtual Sites after a previous order has processed.




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Q23: Where can I locate which licenses have been used in my organization?


A: Log in to  your Customer or Partner Portal. Navigate to the Products tab. Used subscriptions typically display a contact name underneath the PI DevClub product name. You can also confirm by clicking the License Activation History icon to see if a user has already activated the license.




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Q24: What is the difference between the various user profiles?


A: Learn more about profiles in the Knowledge Article: What is a Customer Portal user profile? 




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Q25: What should I do with an unconsumed PI DevClub voucher?


A: Effective October 3, 2019, OSIsoft PI DevClub Voucher Consumption process is no longer necessary. You can manage your PI DevClub Subscriptions through the OSIsoft Customer Portal. Log in to your portal to manage, view and download available PI DevClub subscriptions as needed.




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Q26: How do I get support regarding my PI DevClub Subscription?




Free Trial customers: Although Technical Support is unavailable for Trial licenses, other support options include: 






Current customers and partners: Use your portal to create a new case related to PI Developers Club Subscriptions or Technical Product Support. 




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Q27: How do I transfer or re-assign a PI DevClub Subscription?


A: If you want to transfer or re-assign a subscription: 


  1. Have the new user of that subscription generate a new license for that PI Server.
  2. Assigned subscriptions will automatically be stamped with the email address of the person who generated the license file as the Product Nick Name (Customer Portal Products tab).
  3. If you encounter an error while generating the license, please complete the prompts to submit a Technical Product Support case indicating in the description that you are looking to complete the process of re-assigning the PI DevClub subscription.




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