Coresight Squared

Blog Post created by lmlcoch on Aug 1, 2016

PI Coresight is not officially supported on Windows Server Core, but with a couple of tweaks and a bit of effort, Coresight Squared is possible.


What is Server Core and why use it?

Server Core is a minimal installation option for Windows Server and its main benefit is reduced footprint. However, this is not just to reduce the number of potentially vulnerable components (thus reducing the attack surface area), but also serves to reduce the amount of patching and maintenance required. Last but not least, Server Core consumes less resources.


Server Core References:

Benefits of Server Core

Server Core in Windows Server 2012 – Improved Taste, Less Filling, More Uptime



We strive to officially support Server Core in a future PI Coresight release (please up-vote the related UserVoice item), but for now, this guide will have to do.


Side note: It’s possible to install Windows Server with the Full UI capability, install PI Coresight, configure it, and remove the GUI components to get Server Core. In Windows Server 2012, the GUI can be added or removed as needed via PowerShell.

To remove the GUI:

Remove-WindowsFeature -name Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra
Remove-WindowsFeature -name Server-Gui-Shell


To add the GUI:

Install-WindowsFeature -name Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra
Install-WindowsFeature -name Server-Gui-Shell




But where’s the Fun in that? 



If you are an experienced Server Core user, please feel free to dive right into PI Coresight installation and Kerberos Configuration for PI Coresight.


If you're new to Server Core, please go through the Coresight Squared series in the following order:


1. Server Core Installation and Configuration

2. PI Coresight Installation

3. Kerberos Configuration for PI Coresight



A big thanks goes to Harry Paul for useful advice and guidance throughout the entire process of putting this series together.